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Special Services

  • Dedicated Dealers

    We value your esteem, hence we offer dedicated dealers to voluminous traders who can even move along with you and carry out your trades on their own laptops, at your instructions.

  • Demand Your Brokerage

    If you own value for us and that value justifies in our pre-designated brokerage structure, we offer you the said privilege of demanding your brokerage. With the challenge of providing competitive brokerage we assure you benefits over your existing arrangements.

  • Advance Brokerage

    A bonus for our dedicated clients. We benefit our clients with 20% discount in brokerage if they sign up advance brokerage plan with us.

  • Researched Trading Calls

    These form the backbone of quality in our organization. We possess in-house research cell to add value for our clients. We generate intraday trading calls and send to our clients through SMS. Any trader would love to follow those.

  • Live Chat

    “Convenience” is what we promise our clients. Our officers are eager to provide best possible services to clients. Enquire anything through live chat facility at our site. Very soon we’ll be servicing 24 x 7.

  • Pull SMS Services

    All our clients enjoy the facility of availing automated services through pull message mode. Financial balance / stock holding / current market price / technical levels ---- all these can be pulled from our systems at client’s convenience.

Regular Services

  • Online Trading

    Merits facilitates trading at NSE, MCX and MCX-SX and provides high speed trading terminals to clients. Multi exchange login on single screen is a convenient feature offered by our company.

  • Centralised back office

    All accounting reports can be accessed online from our centralised back office on web.

  • Competitive Brokerages

    We try our best to benefit our clients with most competitive brokerage rates commensurate with their business.

  • Flexible Risk Management

    We enable customization in providing exposure to clients as per their trading needs & are able to satisfy almost 100% of them.
  • Birthday Surprise

    On the joyous occasion of your birthday we intent to surprise you by offering very low brokerage charges slashed down to 50% only for your special day. Happy Birthday! Happy Trading!

  • Excellent Client Communication

    Daily SMSes sent for -- * All payments made and received. * All deliveries transferred and received to/from client. * Daily net obligation – Cash Market. * Final trade confirmation – F&O. * Net position carryover along with MTM profit / loss for current month – F&O. * Daily debit reminder. * Client holding of securities in our beneficiary along with valuation, communicated weekly.

  • Excellent Self Discipline Strategies

    We always strive to work upon complex subjects and tend to make those simplified for our clients. On the track, we have formulated an intelligent strategy to exercise self-discipline in intraday trading. You can freely ask us during interactions.

Innovative Services

  • Price Alerts

    A trader can set in price barriers for any of the stocks at NSE. As soon as the price of particular stock breaches its pre fed barrier, an alert is generated and communicated automatically.

  • Instant Trade Confirmations

    INSTANT trade confirmation through SMS. Just as you trade; you get a confirmation message for each trade on your mobile, instantly and automatically.

  • Portfolio Tracker

    Feed in 6 of your favourite stocks at our portal and you’ll start getting live rates of those stocks every 15 minutes or at desired frequency.

  • Get Technical Levels

    Get accurate technical levels of any stock / commodity instantly – free !!!

  • Centralised Service Request

    For extending convenience to our clients, we have developed centralised service request feature wherein our clients can submit any query or requirement and that shall be executed in minimum TAT.

  • Programmed Trading

    We assist our clients to programme their trading strategies, which is the best method to stay disciplined in turbulent markets.

  • Real Time Portfolio Valuation

    Dynamic valuation of clients’ portfolio every minute at our website.

  • Amplified Systems

    We at Merits Capital make sincere effort for the benefits of the clients and have provided with the appropriate infrastructure. One such attempt is where we provide our clients with dealing rooms where Nifty alerts, trading calls, news, views, etc. are notified with the help of amplified stereo systems, thus keeping them updated with latest ongoing developments related to markets.