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  • Welcome to Merits Capital

    Merits founded in 1993, is an esteemed Delhi based broking company holding memberships across all major exchanges of the country, facilitating trading in Stocks / Commodities / Currencies.
    It is more of a research company and has been seeking growth through innovation and continous research work guided by absolute ethical values.
    Merits envisions itself as a National company with offices reaching every business city and town of the country.

  • Prime Innovations

    •  Programmed Trading platform
    •  The Virtual Online Trader – A Fanatic Game
    •  Automated Technical Levels
    •  Automated Price movement Alerts
    •  Instant Trade Confirmation through SMS
    •  Portfolio Tracker
    •  Transaction Cost Calculator
    •  Automated Nifty Alerts
    •  Web enabled service platform

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Class one trading experience accross all major Stock Exchanges of the country

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  • Merits,Share Broker" Merits has a perfectly organized management with an equally effective leader, possesses paramount transparency in its transactions. "

  • Merits,Share Broker" Since 20 years Merits Capital is a comprehensive performer in all kinds of dealings (Stock / Commodity / Currency) "

    Mr. J.C. MEHTA
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